try rarindra prakarsa style

ok again me try to process some rarindra effect
this is original from me, with experience in many tutorial about him
i use canon eos 1000d with lens kit

Shooting time
try shoot picture in a sunset moment
capturing in a golden hours 04:00 - 18:00
shoot against the sun, the background must lighter than foreground

Photoshop Processing
edit in photoshop
copy layer into two layer
upper layer choose overlay blending mode (make more dark)
for decrease the dark set the opacity become 50% or 70%
merge into one layer
made blank layer again and fill with orange colour like a sample in a below
to fill with orange colour better using the rectangle tool
put orange colour (gold layer) in a upper layer
for the next blend the orange colour in a overlay mode
give some vignette around the layer
search some tutorial photoshop about make a vignette in google

Rim Light

add some rim light around the guy in a photo
add some rim light with a dodge tool in a photoshop
setting size off the brush
to enlarge or minimize the brush use " [ " and " ] " in a keyboard
wipe around the edge of the male body
wipe around the edge of the leaf and the tree

 Orange colour (gold if you overlay in every layer)

Sorry if my english is bad....
just try to share my experience about rarindra prakarsa tutorial

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